Thursday, May 26, 2016

  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

Here is a propaganda video from a UNRWA that was posted this week:

It shows a teenager, Waed Abu Rajab, describing how difficult it is for him to get from his house to his UNRWA school in Hebron.

As he describes his ordeal, the camera follows him going to school.

He describes how he is often stopped at two separate checkpoints. The video shows him walking right through them.

He describes how it can take him a half hour to go to school. No delays are seen.

He says that the guards always ask him intrusive questions, like where he is going. No one asked him anything.

He says he is scared. He doesn't look scared at all.

He says that if the soldiers don't harass him, settlers will. No settlers are visible in the video.

He says that sometimes the soldiers shoot tear gas for no reason, and they don't mind because they always wear gas masks. None of the Israeli security forces there are wearing gas masks.

Not a single claim of his is corroborated by the video, and most of them are contradicted.

Of course, the video doesn't mention that the reason the checkpoints are there is because people who are Waed's age were stabbing every Jew they could find in Hebron only a few months ago..

No, that doesn't fit UNRWA's propaganda story.

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From Ian:

Dershowitz: Not Surprising ‘Ignoramus’ Bernie Sanders Tapped ‘Professional Israel-Hater’ for Democratic Policy Committee (INTERVIEW)
The Palestinian activist appointed by presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee is a “professional Israel-hater,” internationally acclaimed legal mind Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.
Dershowitz, a fierce defender of Israel and avowed supporter of the Democratic Party, was referring to Arab American Institute (AAI) President James Zogby, whom Sanders tapped on Monday to help draft party policy.
Dershowitz, who said he’s debated Zogby on numerous occasions, explained why he is “not surprised” that the senator from Vermont contending for the Democratic nomination picked him to fill such an influential position. “Bernie Sanders is an ignoramus when it comes to the Middle East, and he is very strongly biased against Israel. He gets his information from hard-Left, anti-Israel sources, and he doesn’t think for himself,” he said.
Regarding another of Sanders’ anti-Israel appointees to the committee — philosopher Cornel West, a BDS proponent who wrote that the crimes of Hamas “pale in the face of the US-supported Israeli slaughter of innocent civilians,” and accused President Obama of being “most comfortable with upper middle-class white and Jewish men who consider themselves very smart, very savvy and very effective in getting what they want”– Dershowitz said, “Putting two Israel-bashers on the committee risks dividing the Democratic Party over an issue on which they’ve always been united.”
Michael Lumish: Israel is Insane
If there is one issue that genuinely pisses me off it is Israeli policy concerning the Temple Mount. How is it possible that someone like Moshe Dayan could be so naive as to think that handing over the holiest site of the Jewish people to Arabs would somehow placate them?
It did the exact opposite as should have been entirely predictable.
Instead of being grateful to the Jewish people for their generosity, the Arabs use the Temple Mount as a club and Israel allows this despite the fact that it need not do so.
They have even made it a rule that no member of the Knesset shall be allowed to go up there.
I do not know what to say. The stupidity is just breathtaking.
By preventing non-Muslims from praying on the Temple Mount Israel sends a message to the world that Jerusalem is not really a Jewish town. Maintaining the "status quo" is the same as maintaining the idea that Jerusalem actually belongs to the Arabs and, therefore, Jews are nothing more than land thieves.
The problem that Jews have with the Temple Mount is the same problem that Jews have with the notion of "Israeli Occupation of the West Bank." If Israel is illegally occupying someone else's land, including the Temple Mount, and thus Jerusalem, in general, then we might as well pack it in and say goodbye.
If Jewish people think that we stole land from others and if they think that we should not even be allowed to pray at the site of the Temples then what is the point of Israel? I understand that much of the rabbinate, for theological reasons, believe that Jews should not go up to the Holy of Holies, period, but that is not the point.
The point is the question of Jewish sovereignty.
Caught in a web of hate
An undercover investigation by Jewish News this week sheds light on the anti-Semitic “lynch mob” active online, and details the extraordinary ease with which pro-Palestinian activists can descend into a world of hate.
Our reporter, who created fake anti-Israel internet profiles to gain access to secret groups, reveals how anti-Semites connect with one another and feed off group members’ anger, in a self-reinforcing “spiral of extremism”.
Crucially, our investigation also outlines how the technology and algorithms underpinning social media tilt and “taint” search results towards the perceived political persuasion of the user, showing how hate builds on hate.
Moreover, it reveals how savvy bloggers manipulate this technology, with a “correlation between the level of venom and the likes/shares they receive”.
Describing this murky and “truly frightening” cyber Twilight Zone, ‘Mr X’ reveals the anti-Semites’ source of “news” on Israel, the legal loopholes they exploit and the use of ‘memes’ – images edited to affect emotion or ridicule.
Brace yourselves for a cold, hard look at those no longer able or willing to hear cold, hard facts about the Jewish people and the democratic State of Israel – and the mind-warping processes that assist them. (h/t Alexi)

  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon
From UN Watch:

The UK, France, Germany and other EU states voted today for a UN resolution, co-sponsored by the Arab group of states and the Palestinian delegation, that singled out Israel at the annual assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) as the only violator of “mental, physical and environmental health,” and commissioned a WHO delegation to investigate and report on “the health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory” and in “the occupied Syrian Golan,” and to place it on the agenda again at next year’s meeting.

By contrast, the UN assembly did not address Syrian hospitals being bombed by Syrian and Russian warplanes, or millions of Yemenis denied access to food and water by the Saudi-led bombings and blockade, nor did it pass a resolution on any other country in the world. Out of 24 items on the meeting’s agenda, only one, Item No. 19 against Israel, focused on a specific country.

“The UN reached new heights of absurdity today,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, “by enacting a resolution which accuses Israel of violating the health rights of Syrians in the Golan, even as in reality Israeli hospitals continue their life-saving treatment for Syrians fleeing to the Golan from the Assad regime’s barbaric attacks.”
How the UN manages to be so consistently outrageous is remarkable. And France, saying they want to sponsor a peace summit, enthusiastically supports such egreguous examples of hate against Israel.

While researching something else I recently came across an obscure 1984 article in Public Health Review. Written by three members of Israel's department of public health for Gaza, it explains how Israeli doctors dramatically reduced the infant mortality rate in the sector between 1973 and 1982.


What Israel did to save Gaza children was nothing short of miraculous. To cut infant mortality by two thirds in a decade is amazing.

But propagandists are louder than truth-tellers and Israel haters are much more motivated than ordinary people who know better.

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 Vic Rosenthal's Weekly Column

Old realpolitiker Henry Kissinger was in the news recently when he sat down with Donald Trump, to give him the benefit of his experience. It brought to mind Kissinger’s numerous attempts to get Israel out of the territories it conquered in 1967, before, during and – especially – after the Yom Kippur War.

Kissinger went to Iraq in December of 1975 to try to wean the regime away from the Soviet Union and improve relations with the US. In a discussion with Sa’dun Hammadi, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Kissinger suggested that American support for Israel was a result of Jewish political and financial power, promised that the US would work to force Israel back to pre-1967 boundaries, and indicated that while the US would not support the elimination of Israel, he believed that its existence was only temporary. Here is an excerpt (the whole thing is worth reading):

I think, when we look at history, that when Israel was created in 1948, I don't think anyone understood it. It originated in American domestic politics. It was far away and little understood. So it was not an American design to get a bastion of imperialism in the area. It was much less complicated. And I would say that until 1973, the Jewish community had enormous influence. It is only in the last two years, as a result of the policy we are pursuing, that it has changed.

We don't need Israel for influence in the Arab world. On the contrary, Israel does us more harm than good in the Arab world. You yourself said your objection to us is Israel. Except maybe that we are capitalists. We can't negotiate about the existence of Israel, but we can reduce its size to historical proportions. I don't agree that Israel is a permanent threat. How can a nation of three million be a permanent threat? They have a technical advantage now. But it is inconceivable that peoples with wealth and skill and the tradition of the Arabs won't develop the capacity that is needed. So I think in ten to fifteen years, Israel will be like Lebanon—struggling for existence, with no influence in the Arab world.  [my emphasis] …

Kissinger also promised that aid to Israel, which he presented as a result of Jewish political influence, would be significantly reduced. He indicated that legal changes in the US – he must have been referring to the creation of the Federal Electoral Commission in 1974 to regulate campaign contributions – would attenuate Jewish power and therefore American support for Israel. Naturally, he didn’t foresee the Israel-Egypt peace agreement, which permanently established a high level of military aid to both countries.

He further promised that the US would support a PLO-run Palestinian state if the PLO would accept UNSC resolution 242 and recognize Israel. This of course is what (supposedly) happened in the Oslo accords.

Kissinger insisted that “No one is in favor of Israel's destruction—I won't mislead you—nor am I.” But his hint that a smaller Israel might not survive is clear. Surely he understood that a pre-1967-sized Israel (within what Eban called “Auschwitz lines”) would have no chance of surviving, simply because of the strategic geography of the area. 

Kissinger was wrong about the Arabs developing the capability to challenge Israel, but their place has been taken by soon-to-be-nuclear Iran and its proxies, who are significantly more dangerous than the Arab states ever were. 

US policy, however, has kept more or less the same shape, except that the hypocrisy of insisting that the US supports the existence of Israel but in a pre-1967 size is even more glaring. The substitution of the PLO for the Arab states as the desired recipient of the land to be taken from Israel has barely made a ripple either in America or among the Arabs, suggesting that the policy is more about Israel giving up land than about the Arabs getting it.

The original motivation for Kissinger’s promises was supposedly the desire of the US to replace the Soviet Union as the patron of the Arab states. After the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War in 1991, however, there was no change in policy. Although the Oslo Accords were initiated by left-wing Israelis, the US eagerly embraced them, and the so-called ‘peace process’ became a permanent stick to beat Israel with. 

President Obama is especially adept at emphasizing support for Israel’s existence while at the same time demanding that Israel make concessions that would make her continued existence impossible. Apparently agreeing with Kissinger about Jewish power, Obama has worked to reduce the pro-Israel influence of American Jews in numerous ways, such as by providing access to the White House for groups like J Street and the Israel Policy Forum, while marginalizing traditional Zionist organizations like ZOA. 

Kissinger’s almost antisemitic claim that US support for Israel is bought with Jewish money was probably untrue in 1975 and is even less so today, when a large proportion of American Jews, including wealthy ones, have chosen their liberal or progressive politics over Zionism. The coming struggle over the introduction of a pro-Palestinian plank into the Democratic platform is an indication that the party and with it, many of its Jewish supporters, is moving toward Obama’s position.

The Obama Administration’s program to extricate itself from the Middle East by empowering Iran as the new regional power has given a new impetus to the policy of shrinking Israel. Iran sees Israel as a major obstacle to its hegemony, for both geopolitical and religious/ideological reasons, and is committed to eliminating the Jewish state. Obama found it necessary to restrain Israel from bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities at least once (in 2012), and seems to be prepared to sacrifice Israel in order to achieve his goal of establishing Iranian regional dominance.

Some would go even further and say that Obama’s primary ideological goal is to eliminate Israel and the Iranian gambit is a means to this end, but that is highly speculative! Or maybe it’s a matter of two birds with one stone.

Henry Kissinger didn’t do us any favors, but I think the anti-Israel thread in American policy would have been strong enough without him, running from Truman’s Secretary of State George C. Marshall all the way to Obama’s stable of anti-Zionists like Rob Malley and Ben Rhodes.

Today Israel is long gone from the Sinai, more recently from Gaza, and probably only thanks to the disintegration of Syria, still holding the Golan Heights. I would like to believe that PM Netanyahu was correct when he said that Israel will never leave the Golan. Regarding Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, I expect that we are about to begin a very difficult time, as the Obama Administration is likely to mount a campaign in its last days to fulfill Kissinger’s promise to the Arabs at long last.

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From Ian:

Fred Maroun: The Lie of "Disproportionality"
A Betrayal of both Israelis and Palestinians
By making an accusation of disproportionality without defining the meaning of the term, Sanders and Haaretz betrayed not only the Palestinians and the Israelis, but also their professions. They made false and unsubstantiated accusations while ignoring the thousands more Palestinian deaths that the Palestinians are inflicting on their own people -- by training toddlers and children for war, using their own people as human shields and failing to provide shelters for them, as the Israelis do for their citizens.
In addition to helping Sanders attract the naïve and anti-Israel vote, and helping Haaretz attract anti-Semitic readers, unsubstantiated claims of disproportionality divert attention from the fact that preventing more wars requires replacing Gaza's Iranian-backed terrorist regime with a regime that is interested in the well-being of the Palestinians. Sanders and Schechter propose nothing to achieve this. They prefer falsely to accuse Israel of anything that might possibly sound damning, and hope that no one will dig for some truth or ask any questions.
To naïve people, Sanders and Schechter appear thoughtful, compassionate individuals who care about the Palestinians; in fact, they merely are either ignorant themselves or duplicitous. If betraying Israelis and Palestinians equally is what Sanders means by "a more balanced position," all that is disproportionate is their unjustified hostility towards Israel that is also unhelpful to the Palestinians.
PMW: Fatah event today to "honor" suicide bomber
Ayyat Al-Akhras was a Fatah terrorist who carried out a suicide attack in a supermarket in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood in Jerusalem in March 2002. Two people were murdered in the terror attack, and 28 were injured.
The Fatah Movement announced yesterday that today, Thursday May 26, at 3:45 PM "an event will take place to mark the anniversary of the death as a Martyr (Shahida) of Ayyat Al-Akhras."
The invitation added: "To honor she who watered the ground with her pure blood."
Earlier this year, Palestinian Media Watch documented that Fatah commemorated murderer Ayyat Al-Akhras' death as a "Martyr," naming her "Bride of Palestine."
Ben-Dror Yemini: Breaking the slander
Rather than offering constructive criticism of IDF actions, Breaking the Silence has chosen to accuse without being held accountable.
There is a clear difference between constructive criticism and a horror show of propaganda. Breaking the Silence could choose the former option, but instead it has chosen the latter. Any organization that sends representatives to tell journalists, diplomats and foreign activists that IDF soldiers fire machine guns at civilian populations as if in a video game, and tell UN delegates from Iran and Sudan that Israeli soldiers are looters and criminals, does not deal in legitimate criticism. Rather, it is part of a system bent on Israel's demonization.
Among others, Breaking the Silence cooperates and gets its funding from sources that support the BDS movement. It is not interested in improving Israel's morality, but to deny Israel's right to exist. Based on all of this, in addition to discredited public testimonies, should Breaking the Silence be allowed to continue with its uncorroborated slander? Is this what amounts to criticism, democracy and due process?
In a democratic country there is room for soldiers to criticize actions that took place during their army service. There are, after all, exceptional cases that should be dealt with, just as there is an ever-present need to correct and improve what is currently considered acceptable conduct. But Breaking the Silence has chosen a different path. It wants to be above the law, to vilify without being held accountable. Israeli authorities should not lend a hand to this kind of trickery.

  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

It is so nice that Israel's neighbors have holidays centered around the Jewish state.

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, stressed that the axis of Resistance won’t be defeated and will keep on supporting Palestine, whose banner will be raised again.

In a popular ceremony in the Bekaa town of Nabi Sheet on the occasion of “Resistance Liberation Day,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the Zionist entity “is our enemy” and that the only way to confront this enemy is by resistance.Sayyed Nasrallah on May 25, 2016

His eminence renewed commitment to the tripartite formula of “army, people and resistance,” noting that this formula is targeted and that “we should work together to confront this threat.”

“In liberation day we should remember the Israeli crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinians. We should remember that the Zionist entity is our enemy.”

On the other hand, Sayyed Nasrallah renewed his call to abide by the tripartite formula of “army, people and resistance,” noting that this formula is being targeted by the resistance enemy.

“Our army, our people and our resistance is targeted… we should be aware. We should believe in our capabilities, we can defend our country, we can build our country.”

“In this day we should remember that Shebaa farms and Kfar Shouba hills are still occupied by the Israeli enemy. We should remember that we still have prisoners at Israeli jails and missing people.”

His eminence urged the Palestinians “not to bet on those who abandoned them for nearly 70 years,” stressing that “despite confusions aroused by the resistance enemy (through latest developments in the region), neither Iran nor Syria will abandon Palestine.”

“Iran and Syria will keep on supporting you,” Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the Palestinian people, stressing that their liberation can be achieved by unity, steadfastness and resistance.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the Axis of Resistance will triumph and that the banner of Palestine will be raised again.
Nasrallah wasn't the only one to mark this holiday:

It's a love fest!

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  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

The famous Guggenheim Museum in New York has a blog that says it "tells the Guggenheim’s evolving story, and offers insights on visual culture, urbanism, and the global art world, along with regular discoveries from the archives."

It recently posted this outrageous piece by Chen Tamir, called "Censorship in Israel:"

Over the past two years, the arts in Israel have been increasingly threatened by censorship and draconian government funding proposals. Some see this as the beginning of a culture war not unlike the one endured by the United States during the 1990s, when politicians used arts funding reform as a political tool to curry favor with conservative constituents. Freedom of speech is not treated with the same reverence in Israel as it is in the States; the country was not founded on a constitution that privileges such liberty. (Indeed, there is no Israeli constitution, a fact that some would consider a root cause of its racist and lopsided legal system and civic infrastructure.) The state of stagnation and worsening division in Israel/Palestine further entrenches the occupation, allowing more settlements to be built and inflicting further oppression on Palestinians. The metanarrative in Israel is one of continuous existential fear and victimization, which leads to the increased justification of insularity and nationalism, and the silencing of opposition.

Tamir includes many half-truths and absurd exaggerations as well as a complete disregard for the definition of "censorship."
The calls for and instances of censorship over the past two years have been both top-down (from government officials) and grassroots (by private citizens calling for the removal of artworks). Some individuals have taken matters into their own hands and established paramilitary organizations that spy on human rights activists and organizations, most notably the extra-political group Im Tirtzu, which recently published a blacklist of “moles”—cultural producers of all stripes who support leftist organizations that they perceive as anti-Zionist.
Im Tirtzu is paramilitary?

And why is art that defames a nation free speech, but compiling a list of people behind that art is "censorship?"

Here's another example of "censorship":

Artist-choreographer Arkadi Zaides was criticized for a video and dance work incorporating footage from B’Tselem’s Camera Project (through which cameras are given to Palestinians to document conflicts with the army and neighboring settlers). The Museum of Petach Tikva, which presented the work, was asked by the municipality to close the exhibition early following pressure from a “concerned citizen,” while the Ministry of Culture withdrew its funding from the show (although the exhibition remained open until its scheduled end date a few days after this incident).

So, not a single person was deprived of seeing the show. How is that censorship?

Further examples include the redirection of arts funding to things like the Zionist Art Prize, and right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, acting as temporary Minister of Education, vetoing the 2015 candidate for the Ministry’s annual literature prize.

That is not censorship either.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev have been responsible for a string of incidents of or attempts at censorship, ranging from the banning of books and plays to a withdrawal of state funding from Jaffa’s Elmina Theater unless its director, Norman Issa, reversed his refusal to perform in a settlement in the West Bank. Regev, who previously served as the chief censor of the Israeli army, recently treated the director of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Suzanne Landau (herself recently accused of self-censorship) to a surprise Friday-night phone call to ask about a work of art in a recent exhibition by Uri Katzenstein.

The only thing in this list that is actual censorship is the supposed "banning of books and plays." Curiously, Tamir doesn't mention their names, but almost certainly he is referring to the Education Ministry taking an anti-Israel novel off of its reading list as "banning," which it isn't. Almost certainly there has been no banning of any play as well.

It takes a while before we find out how Tamir defines "censorship":  the refusal of a nation to fund art that directly attacks it.

Herein lies the crux of contemporary censorship: funding. As in the American Culture Wars, public funding is being manipulated to become a mechanism of censorship.
That is not censorship by any definition. Making it somewhat more difficult for an artist to make a living from public money is not censorship. I can make art if I want, but if the Guggenheim decides not to make an exhibition of my artwork and the government doesn't fund me I am not being "censored." If publishers aren't interested in my poetry and the BBC refuses to air my play and MTV doesn't want to air my music videos, I am not being "censored."

The entire article is a string of lies that simply misuses the meaning of the word "censorship" to falsely paint Israel as a racist society.

The Guggenheim Museum should remove this article. Not because I support censorship - I emphatically do not - but because I do not believe that the museum should publish lies, fabrications and slander. Tamir has the full right to post her lies on her own website and the Guggenheim has the full right to reject publishing a litany of her lies and half-truths.

If supporters of the Guggenheim decide to withhold their funding to show their displeasure for the museum becoming a mouthpiece for anti-Israel propaganda, that isn't censorship either.

(h/t Lauri)

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  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

From the Jerusalem Post:

Two Palestinian men are in custody for allegedly raping and urinating on a mentally disabled woman in south Tel Aviv, in what police say was a nationalistically motivated crime.

The incident took place on Independence Day earlier this month, at the 20-year old victim’s aunt’s apartment.

During the act, Imad Aladin Dragame, 42, allegedly filmed the rape, which police say was carried out by two other Palestinians – including a minor – who urinated and spit on the woman while shouting anti-Semitic slurs at her and threatening to murder her aunt and brother if she complained.

The third suspect in the case remains at large, while the minor and Dragame were on Wednesday remanded for an additional five days. For Dragame, a resident of Nablus with a legal permit to work inside Israel, it was the third remand hearing since he was arrested on May 16, following a complaint by the victim’s aunt. He also faces drug charges after police found 11.5 grams of marijuana in his apartment, which is in the same building as the victim’s aunt.

Sgt.-Maj. Yisrael Sianov, the officer representing the police, minced no words about the grave nature of the case, saying “this was an incident of the utmost severity – the rape and exploitation of a helpless girl with mental disabilities, while they degraded and humiliated her, and urinated on the victim while yelling racial slurs at her.

“In addition, they threatened her not to tell anyone, saying they would rape her aunt and murder her brother.

"This is a shocking incident.”
This is not the first time that Arabs raped Jews because they were Jews:
The [2012] rape of the Israeli girl and her boyfriend was carried out at knife-point in a bathroom at the parking lot of Tel Aviv’s Gan Ha’ir complex, during which the attacker, Nablus native Ahmed Jaber, beat and assaulted both victims for over an hour.

During police questioning, Jaber talked about the difference between his “respectable sister” and Jewish girls “who wander the streets.” He told his interrogators that they are “not sons of this land,” and called them “foreign residents,” adding that before 1948 there was no State of Israel.

The [Defense Ministry] concluded that Jaber carried out a violent attack aimed at “harming a person due to her being a member of the Jewish people, as part of the Israeli-Arab conflict,” and conveyed hope that “the victim of this shocking act will be able to rehabilitate herself and find relief for her pain.”
And in 2007:
A gang of serial rapists have been prowling the North, raping Jewish women as revenge for IDF actions in the West Bank, police revealed Tuesday after arresting six suspects.

"We are raping Jews because of what the IDF is doing to the Palestinians in the territories," one of the six suspects told investigators from the Northern District Central Investigative Unit (CIU) during questioning.

During their questioning and their brief appearance at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court Tuesday, none of the four main suspects indicated that they felt remorse for their actions.

Police said they were aware of four attacks carried out by the gang, but they believed there were probably other incidents that had gone unreported by the victims. In all four cases, police said, the rapists' modus operandi were strikingly similar - all of the attacks were directed against young women who were waiting at bus stops or designated hitchhiking points in the western Galilee and the Haifa area. In all of the cases, the attackers forced their victim into a car and drove together with the victim to an isolated spot, where they raped her.

All of the suspects are from the Galilee town of Bir al-Maksur, a Beduin village near the Hamovil Junction.

The first attack occurred in April 2005, when a 13-year-old girl was raped at the Zevulun Beach in Kiryat Yam. In December of that year, a 19-year-old soldier was kidnapped and raped just outside of Kiryat Ata. According to police, the gang attacked again three days later. In that assault, the gang allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old girl who was standing with her friends at the Kiryon Junction in Kiryat Bialik. They allegedly took her to a grove near Tamra, where they raped her. It was after the third attack, commander of the Northern District CIU Asst.-Cmdr. Menahem Haver said, that the police realized they were dealing with a serial rape gang. In that case, the teenage victim told investigators that one of her attackers told her the attack was in revenge for IDF operations in the Gaza Strip.
In 2014, a female professor of theology at Al Azhar University explicitly said that Islam allows raping Jewish women who are "prisoners" in any war with Israel:
"'Those whom you own' (slavery) existed before Islam. It existed among all nations and countries, not just among pre-Islam Arabs. Anyone could trade in freeborn men and women. This is called the selling of freeborn people. It's like the selling of human organs and trafficking in freeborn humans today. But when Islam emerged, it put (slavery) into order, by limiting it to legitimate wars between Muslims and their enemies. If we fought Israel, which is plundering land, and is an aggressor against people and their faith... Obviously, it is impossible that we will fight Israel, even though Surat Al-Isra in the Quran foretells this, and nothing is beyond the power of Allah... The female prisoners of wars are 'those whom you own.' In order to humiliate them, they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives.
(h/t Yoel)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Ian:

David Collier: Hey PSC, no antisemitism? you are having a laugh!
On Monday night (23/5), I went to a PSC event held at the P21 Gallery in Euston. Miko Peled was speaking at a book launch for the latest edition of his book ‘The General’s son’. Peled outdid himself; nastier than Blumenthal, more distortion than Pappe, more unhinged than Barkan.
Miko Peled is lost. I am not a great believer in generalisations, so dislike the all-inclusive labels such as ‘self-hater’. Each of these individuals has taken a different journey along the way, but there are clearly deep personal issues with them all. Miko Peled bathes in the perverted adoration of the similarly inflicted. Like a Big Brother winner, Peled profits through what is wrong with him. It is highly unsettling to witness.
I do not need to go into detail over all the distortions of yesterday’s talk. The trap Miko Peled fell into is evident from the outset. He realised that some of the Zionist tales were myth, which to him made the Arab narrative pure gospel. This argument I have heard from them all, the flawed logic of the true believer – one false idol replaced by another. The classic ‘non sequitur’ of the ignorant.
For Peled, Israel has to be removed from the map, no question. The ‘settlers of Tel Aviv’ could become, if the Arabs are willing to forgive them, just the ‘polite guests’ inside the new state. His historical narrative is so false it has to be deliberate, his description of the present seems designed to mislead.
Miko Peled overstepped the mark several times, most notably when he spoke of antisemitism and Islamophobia. It was this, rather than the fake stories about the conflict, that I found the most objectionable. I’ve become immune to the constant distortion about the historical conflict, and more attuned to the underlying messages. Peled did not disappoint.
Reuters Chief and Foreign Press Head Abuses Position, Expresses Open Disdain for Israel
Luke Baker, a man who openly expresses disdain and dislike for Israel is the Jerusalem bureau chief of Reuters, one of the world’s largest news services. He is also the outgoing chairperson of Israel’s Foreign Press Association (FPA).
Baker’s behavior on Twitter has given a window into his personal views, and those views are not at all impartial when it comes to Israel.
On the contrary, Baker’s tweets have been mocking, sarcastic, negative, and dismissive with regard to Israel and only with regard to Israel. Based on HonestReporting’s research, Baker has rarely, if ever, demonstrated such behavior or views toward Palestinians or toward any other party in the world.
So what did Luke Baker actually say?
Aside from routinely omitting critical context and basic fairness, Luke Baker frequently speaks about Israel in language that is beyond unprofessional, but actually demeaning, flippant and insulting, including:
- referring to Israeli security as “idiocy“;
- calling certain political groups “Jewish nutjobs“;
- calling an Israeli Foreign Ministry video “bizarre“;
- referring to criticism by Israeli diplomats as “mocking“;
- in a serious article, respected Arab-Israeli journalist Khaled Abu Toameh criticized certain ignorant and biased behaviors toward Israel by foreign press. Baker described the content of Abu Toameh’s article as “a joke” and comprised of “silly anecdote[s]“; and
- in a blatant perpetuation of racial and religious stereotypes, Baker referred to a statement by Israel to the high court as “chutzpah.” (The Reuters Handbook also says, “Do not use language that perpetuates sexual, racial, religious or other stereotypes. Such language is offensive, out of date and often simply inaccurate.”)
Phyllis Chesler: Feminist Totally Occupied by Palestine
This month, a British feminist historian, Dr. Catherine Hall, refused half a million dollars because the money is connected to an Israel-based foundation.
The Dan David Foundation had absolutely no trouble finding two other European feminist historians (Drs. Arlette Farge and Dr. Inga Clendinnen) and awarding them the distinguished prize.
The matter is a curious one. First, because Hall herself not only declined the prize; her supporters, the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine released the news of her rejection. Hall and her supporters/handlers clearly want credit for her "politically correct" sacrifice. Perhaps a pro-Islamic or a British anti-Zionist foundation will soon find a way to reward her. Perhaps others will then follow suit.
The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine described Hall’s decision as “a significant endorsement of the campaign to end ties with Israeli institutions.”
The matter is also curious because the Committee posted a press release on May 10th—and Ha’aretz did not report this until May 22nd. Ha’aretz states that Hall declines this prize “after many discussions with those who are deeply involved with the politics of Israel-Palestine.”

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2016
  • Elder of Ziyon

The Huffington Post Arabic has an interesting article by a Jordanian film producer named Tareq Baddar.

He writes that he went to pray in a mosque, where the preacher cursed the Jews at the end of the sermon, and talked about all their bad traits, their plots, their being behind all wars, all sins, and indeed all catastrophes in the world. This institutional antisemitism is widespread practice in many mosques, especially in the Middle East, and is woefully under-reported. The targets of these curse are Jews, not "Zionists."

Tareq writes that the preacher forgot that Islam permits Muslim men to marry Jewish women. Therefore, Jewish women can be mothers of Muslims. So how is a Muslim going to a sermon in a mosque supposed to feel when his mother or favorite aunt is cursed?

Also, Baddar writes, the preacher forgot that Qadhafi, Saddam, and other bloodthirsty Arab leaders are all Muslim. Leaders of the Islamic State are Muslims, but they aren't cursed in these mosques, only Jews.

He adds that the sheikh forgot about all the Muslim and Arab promiscuous singers and artists, Arab porn sites on the Internet, even though it is a common theme among preachers that Jews spread promiscuity in order to corrupt Muslim youth.

Baddar even calls these kinds of preachers “plagues."

There were a couple of negative comments to the article, including one that says that we must remember that Jews control the banks, media, Hollywood and casinos and another that couldn't believe that any Muslim was criticizing criticism of Jews.

One other point: when a rabbi is heard, or misinterpreted, as saying anti-Muslim or anti-Arab comments, there is a mad rush by reporters to jump on the story to use this as proof of religious Jewish bigotry. Yet even with this article where a Muslim calls out the antisemitism that is heard in hundreds of mosques every single week, it is published only in Arabic for an Arab audience. In the end, the news consumers only hear about the (very often distorted) words of Jewish religious leaders and nothing about the far worse incitement that is endemic in mosques.  Even this article, by a Western-educated Muslim, was written only in Arabic and will almost certainly not reach outside that universe (I would be very surprised in HuffPo translates it into English.)

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
Our weekly column from the humor site PreOccupied Territory
 Check out their Facebook page.

HerzogTel Aviv, May 25 - The week after an acrimonious end to negotiations between Likud and Labor over the formation of a national unity government, the head of Labor is surreptitiously and wistfully monitoring every photo, status, video, comment, and reaction of the prime minister on social media.

Isaac Herzog has repeatedly visited the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat profiles of Binyamin Netanyahu over the last week and a half, his fingers and eyes lingering over each development with a mixture of longing and remorse etched onto his face. Observers report that Herzog can be heard alternately muttering retorts or snide comments at Netanyahu's posted content and staring, holding back tears.

He has also established a second, separate identity in each of those applications, under which the Zionist Union faction leader has paid visits to the profile pages of Yisrael Beiteinu chief Avigdor Liberman in each of those social media platforms, and left critical, derogatory, or passive-aggressive comments. Liberman is currently involved in negotiations to accept a senior cabinet position in Herzog's stead after the latter refused to accept Netanyahu's conditions for membership in the governing Coalition.

"You should lose weight," commented Instagram user DefinitelyNotBuji on the most recent photos posted by Liberman. The same user ID could be seen referring to Liberman as a "rebound" on Twitter and wishing him various misfortunes on Facebook. But most of Herzog's time and attention online has been devoted to devouring every post and comment of Netanyahu while making a supreme effort not to let the prime minister know he has been doing so.

Some observers suspect Netanyahu does know. "When Bibi announced in front of the entire Knesset yesterday that his door was still open to Herzog, it has to be seen in the context of last week's breakup," said analyst Caroline Hax. "Netanyahu loves tormenting Buji. He hasn't faced an Opposition head so victimizable in so long, he's clearly enjoying himself. The guy is heartless, but it's never been about the heart for him. It's about power, and he holds all the cards."

Herzog has also been observed trying to make a show in Netanyahu's presence of having a healthy alliance with other MKs, with mixed success. The Opposition leader's efforts to make Netanyahu either jealous or regretful appear to have had little effect on the premier, but they have aroused the ire of his longtime partner in the Zionist Union leadership, Hatnua chief Tzipi Livni, despite both party leaders' understanding that any relationship with Livni is inherently temporary.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
From Ian:

PMW: PA schools use plays to teach murder and hate
Palestinian Authority education continues to poison Palestinian children with hate and terror promotion messages, even using cultural mediums like school plays. Palestinian Media Watch closely follows PA education and the messages transmitted to children and youth.
A recent play at a PA high school for boys reinforced the PA libel that Israel fabricated the many recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians by planting knives near innocent Palestinians who were then shot and killed by Israelis for no reason. At the Tuqu' High School for Boys, which is part of the Bethlehem Education Directorate under the PA Ministry of Education, this libel was reinforced by depicting Israeli soldiers as cold-blooded murderers in a school play.
In the play performed in front of hundreds of high school students, actors portray Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian youth. The soldiers make the Palestinian kneel and lie on the ground, then they plant a knife next to him to frame him as a stabber, and finally shoot him in cold blood. Other actors portray Palestinians carrying away the "Martyr's" body. [Official Facebook page of Tuqu' Municipality (PA), May 11, 2016]

Khaled Abu Toameh: Palestinians and Jordan: Will a Confederation Work?
In a rare moment of truth, former Jordanian Prime Minister Abdel Salam Majali admitted that the Palestinians were not "fully qualified to assume their responsibilities, especially in the financial field..."
According to the study, the Jordanian public is totally opposed to the idea of confederation, even after the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. They fear the confederation would lead to the "dilution" of the Jordanian identity, create instability and undermine security.
The reality is that the two-state solution has already been fulfilled: the Palestinians got two mini-states of their own -- one governed by the Palestinian Authority and the second by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Today, there is only one solution: maintain the status quo until Palestinian leaders wake up and start working to improve the living conditions of their people and prepare them for peace with Israel.
The Party’s Over for Pro-Israel Dems
Given the number of adamant opponents of Israel on the committee, we know there can be no plank about the conflict that will not place the party at odds with what has been a bi-partisan consensus on the issue. Moreover, if the Sanders forces are not satisfied with what will already be a departure from past stands, then the Clinton camp can have no confidence that an attempt to tilt the party even more towards the Palestinians will fail on the convention floor. As I noted yesterday, the spectacle of the will of the majority of the delegates being thwarted by party officials intent on passing a pro-Israel document won’t be repeated.
That means that although they may find the GOP alternative to be so repulsive that it gives them no choice but to stick with their party, pro-Israel Democrats must, if they are honest, now admit they are no longer a clear majority within their party. Sanders and the far left may not yet be in complete charge of the Democrats, but their influence is undeniable and increasingly decisive.
Democrats may argue, as Sanders does, that even-handed doesn’t mean anti-Israel. But in practice, as Sanders illustrated this spring when he not only wrongly blasted Israeli efforts at self-defense as “disproportionate” but also made wild, exaggerated claims of Israeli killing civilians that show his mindset. It is one thing to be “pro-Israel and pro-peace” as J Street claims to be or even to assert that appeasement of Iran is in Israel’s interests. But it is quite another to have prominent Israel-bashers and BDS advocates among those in charge of declaring where the party stands on important issues.
The Democrats have ceased to be a pro-Israel party and become one where Israel-haters are not only welcomed but given honor and power. If they are honest, pro-Israel Democrats must understand that they are on their way out in their old political home. Anyone who doesn’t understand that’s one of the clear outcomes of the 2016 campaign is in a state of denial.
The Mottle Wolfe Show: Bernie’s Anti-Israel Platform
Bernie Sanders may not have won the Democratic party’s nomination, but he did win the opportunity to cement an anti-Israel agenda into the platform, and he is taking it. Also the Left’s mainstreaming of Pedophillia and news from Israel.

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